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Otari MX5050 Capstan Motor Assembly, pn MR5A021

The Capstan motor and PCB control from an Otari MX5050 quarter inch machine. These motors were tested prior to removal from the various machines. No warranty or guarantee on any motor sales.
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Otari MX5050 MR1C012: Take UP motor assembly

Motors removed from working MX5050 decks, includes brake assembly, solenoid and motor capacitor. Deck mount may not be included. All parts sales are final, no returns.

Otari MX5050-BQ Amplifier Chassis, with Meters.

The 4 track Amplifier chassis includes 4 Meters, pots, switches and miscellaneous wiring and connectors. Amplifier cards and main amplifier PCB are not included.

Otari MX5050 Reel Spindle assembly: #KW0E038, KW0B017 1 each.

A replacement reel spindle Assembly for Otari MX-5050 machines. Otari Reel spindle, consists of the Reel Nails and Reel Drum (pn: KW0E038 and KW0B017 respectively). Price is for a single spindle.
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Otari MX5050 Reel Table (1)

A replacement reel table for Otari MX-5050 machines. Price is per single table.
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Otari MX5050 Spooling Motor Assembly: Take up

The take-up motor assembly from an Otari MX5050-BQII, 4 channel quarter inch machine. Includes brake solenoid, brake band and drum.

Otari 4 track Head harness assembly, VG condition.

Head Harness from an Otari MX5050-BQII, 4 channel quarter inch machine.

Otari MX-5050MKIII-8 (sn18106186)

Otari 8 track 1/2 inch Analog recorder in VVG condition, early version, with very low hours. Local pickup only.