CATV Combiners, Modulators, RF Gear

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Vega R-42 A Pro Plus Diversity Receiver Dynex III sn7490DIII

Early wireless mic receiver from Vega (no transmitter). This unit is in excellent condition cosmetically except for the top of the case. Please read full description.

Allen Avionics VFL1P7, Delay Equalized Filter

This Allen Avionics filter has a center Frequency of 1.75MHZ, with 75Ω impedance. Good condition, tested.

SuperNotcher #3271 Channel 8

A multi-pole Channel Elimination filter for Channel 8. Reduces by 50db. Good condition.
From $59.00

Crestron AXP-CCS Softwire Camera Center

Crestron PTZF dual joystick camera controller, uses a 4 pin mini XLR to connect to your system. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, UNTESTED by bts.

Blonder Tongue AP 60-450 Agile PROCESSORS.

NOTE: These are NOT Modulators. They are agile processors used to shift RF channel frequency. With a max 60 dbmV through 450MHZ. Good condition. Open to offers on the lot of 8 units..
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Blonder Tongue OC-16c Combiner

5-600 MHz passive output combiner with twelve broadband input ports. It is used in headends to combine up to sixteen modulators and/or processors. Good condition.
$79.00 $43.00

North Hills Electronics Model 1119PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1119PA Noise Isolation Transformer with a DC-25MHz Bandwidth. A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.

Blonder Tongue ACA-35-1000 RF Amplifier

A 35 db, 1 GHZ closet amp for cable distribution systems. In Good condition.
$89.00 $69.00

FORA CSF-110 with MV-112s CCTV Modules

FORA model CSF-110 with seven MV-112 PIP Units in a Rackmount Frame with power supply. Willing to part out.
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Crestron CNRFGWA RF receiver, less power supply.

RF receiver that allows Crestron 433MHz 1-way wireless touch panels and handheld remotes to communicate with a control system.
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North Hills Electronics 1120CC, Inc. Noise Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1120CC Noise Isolation Transformer DC-25MHz. These video Transformers are increasingly hard to find.

North Hills Electronics Model 1116PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics, Inc. 1116 PA Wideband Isolation Transformer 20Hz-25MHz A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.