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Countryman Associates Inc. Type 85 Direct Box

A Vintage Type 85. For Studio and live use, an excellent sounding Direct Box with balanced Mic Level output.

Radyne ComStream Digital Audio Receiver ABR202

Digital Audio Receiver with AES EBU I/Os, includes a 1RU Control Panel with Thumbwheel Setting. In Excellent condition, Untested by bts, sold AS IS.

AMX AutoPatch Precis Series PR-0804

Precis PR-0804 8x4 RGBHV Switcher with Balanced Stereo Audio, Very good condition.
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Autopatch Channel Selector, pn: 4YDMCSB2

Monitor panels used with Autopatch Systems. All worked when removed, Untested, sold AS IS.
From $35.00

Gaines Model 448 Audio IHF to Balanced converter

Provides +4 dbm, Balanced outputs for your consumer level sources. Very quiet, lo THD with 10 turn pots for each output. Great for studios using Legacy Tape, VTR, or Tascam 8 Track Reel to Reel tape decks.

Ocean Matrix Fire Wire 400 Switcher, Pair.

A passive 6 input Fire Wire selector by Ocean Matrix. Two available, one with a minipin (.125") power connector, one without. Price is for the pair.

UNIVUER Audio Metering System over Composite Video signals.

The UniVUer generates bar graph meters over a video signal. The uniVUer is a 3 channel device, and this unit contains boards for 2 channels. Tested and working.

BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) Video Router cards

A set of 8 pcbs from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is for the lot of 8 pcbs.

JK Audio Broadcast Host Telephone Interface

A compact desktop phone interface for splitting caller and talent audio. Good Condition with power supply.

Opticomm Series 5000 Fiber Optic Systems

Complete transmit & receive fiber system, in very good condition. Provides primary and backup circuits.
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Expert Electronics EE-T1 Input Transformer

Audio input transformer, Mu-Metal Shielded case, Manufacturer Unknown. From Bud Pressner's Gary IN studios. See Photo #4 for windings and Ω information.
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Hotronic AU51 Audio Delay

A 2 Channel unit perfect for making up for up to 10 Seconds of Video Delay due to DSP Latency in switchers, servers and Web Streaming setups. Very Good condition.
From $185.00

ATI DA208 Dual Distribution Amplifier, sn55950

A Balanced, stereo Audio DA, 1 RU package. Good Condition.
$99.00 $69.00

Videotek ADA-16 Audio DA

A 1/3 rd rack size, Balanced, 1x6 Mono Distribution Amplifier. Cosmetic Condition varies, all tested prior to shipping..
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ATI M-1000-1 Dual Mic Preamp

ATI M1000-1 is a high quality dual Mic Preamplifier in a half-rack package. VG condition.

JK Audio AutoHybrid phone interface

A compact passive phone interface for splitting caller and talent audio. VVG Condtion.

Intellix AVO-SVA2 CATx Balun

These Baluns are used in pairs to transmit S-Video & Stereo Audio over CATx Ethernet cable. Priced per PAIR!
From $75.00

BARIX ExStreamer 100 Nework Audio Decoder

A Barix Exstreamer 100, PN 2005.8036 AAC+ Capable, IP Audio Decoder with USB slot. Like New.
$119.00 $99.00

Short Stop Mute Switch by ProCo

A balanced mic level Muting switch for On-Air Talent use in Radio. Originally named the Cough Drop....Noise Free Muting for all types of microphones.

B&B Systems MP-4 Record Meter assembly: sn40215

Four VU meters mounted in a 2 RU Black Anodized Aluminum case. Balanced inputs. Good condition.

AFA Model VU-1S Analog Meter assembly

Balanced Stereo meters mounted in a 2 RU Anodized Aluminum case. Good condition.

RTS 444 Dual Buffer Amp PAIR

A PAIR of stereo, BiDirectional, Balanced to Unbalanced converters in a 1 RU package.
$145.00 $99.00

ATI DP100 Audio Balanced converter

Provides +4 dbm, Balanced outputs for your consumer CD or tape player.

RANE FAT 22 Active Transformer Module

A very rare Rane product that was part of the FLEX series. Very Good condition. Price is for 2 units in a 1 RU Rackmount. Please Note Power supplies are NOT included with these units.
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Fostex Model 4011 Time Code Gen/Reader

A subsystem of the the 4010, this is a VITC Reader and Window burn generator. Requires 4010 for operation.

Gentner AVT7000 Echo Cancelling Interface

This is an Audio conferencing unit designed for use with Satellite Video conferencing units.

HEIL PL2T Studio Mic Boom Arm

An inexpensive boom arm for Broadcast desks or vocal booths. In good condition.

RedcoAudio Little Red Cue Box

RedcoAudio Little Red Cue Box 4 channel headphone distribution system.

Polycom Vortex EF2241

Polycom Vortex EF2241 noise canceling audio conferencing microphone mixer.
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Polycom Vortex EF2280

Vortex EF2280 is a multichannel acoustic echo and noise canceler.
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AutoPatch Distribution Matrix, 12 x 12 Balanced

This is a balanced audio distribution matrix switcher, loaded with 6 audio cards.
$129.00 $99.00

Autopatch 1YDM, 12x4 Video/Audio Matrix Switcher

This is a 2RU frame, with BNC Inputs and Outputs, in, 4 outs, with balanced stereo audio on Phoenix connectors.
$179.00 $119.00

Crestron ST-VC Remote Level & EQ

Crestron ST-VC is a digitally controlled 3-channel audio attenuator. Balanced I/Os, ±12db @ 100HZ and 10KHZ.
From $39.00

Oxmoor MDA-26 Audio DAs, Must sell, Call for Price!

Oxmoor's Dual 1x3 Balanced Audio DA with XLR I/Os. Audiophile DA, Very flexible, quiet, with max output of 24dbm. Must sell, Call for Price!
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RANE AVA 22d Audio Delay

A 2 Channel unit provides 9 Frames of Video Delay from DSP Latency in switchers, servers and Web Streaming. This is a discontinued product that is getting harder to find.
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FSR SP-3R Rack Power Switcher

A 2 RU Sequential Rack power switcher and 24VDC power supply.

Telex AAT-1 Assistive Listening Transmitter

This is a standard FM transmitter used for hard of hearing transmissions.

Whirlwind SAT-1 headphone dist box

Whirlwind SAT-1 headphone dist box. Good condition.
$129.00 $99.00

Henry Engineering- The Matchbox

The Matchbox by Henry Engineering. IHF to Pro Interface -10db to +4db. Stereo XLR input and outputs, to RCA inputs and outputs.
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Langevin FNT-10

Langevin FNT-10 600 ohm 20db pad

ATI MM100 Match Maker converter

ATI MM100 Match Maker +4 to -10db level converters/XLR to RCA/stereo, bi-directional level matching and active signal balancing.
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Rane HC6 Headphone Amplifier

6-channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Independent Volume Controls and Front and Rear outputs.
$159.00 $129.00

Shure Rack Mount Kit (model A68R)

Rack mount kits for various Shure mixers and controllers. These 2 RU mounts will fit the M67 Mixer and the M63 Audio Master.
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