Tascam Porta One Ministudio 4Track Cassette sn770516

Vintage 1980s 4 track cassette recorder with dbx. Mix section works, transport does not. Excellent cosmetic and electronic condition. With case. AS IS.
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This unit has had virtually no use.  It arrived in the case looking like new, and there is no detectable head wear or any signs of wear to the pressure roller or to the control surface.   The mixer section works perfectly, all controls, inputs, EQ, Faders work smoothly.   The only known problem is with the cassette transport mechanism which does not function in the play/Record modes.  The issue is that the head transport mechanism does not travel past the Pause point, preventing the pressure roller from making contact with the capstan.   When manually moved into contact with the capstan the mechanism moves tape smoothly.   The head mechanism moves freely, so it's likely that the cassette transport needs to be rebuilt.

Aside from the Play failure, REW, FF and Pause functions all work fine.  The Tape output jacks cannot be tested without a working Play function.  All of the belts and clutches are intact. 

The unit is being sold AS IS, with the case and power supply.