MicMix Audio MasterRoom XL-305 Reverb

A Vintage Dual Channel Analog Reverb unit with 4 band EQ on each channel. A great addition to your digital studio outboard rack.
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 The MasterRoom  XL-305 was one of the last Analog reverb processors introduced back in the late 1970s, when Digital reverbs were taking over the market.   This piece is in very good condition and was just removed from a small Corporate Educational facility.   The front panel is remarkably clean for a piece that is 30 years old.  It was originally installed by bts as part of a studio rebuild, and was part of the that same studio until we decommissioned the room.  Hard to find in this condition.

It employs a series of Active FIlters along with a sealed Spring Reverb chamber with interesting and unique results.    It is quiet with relatively low Reverb channel crosstalk of -45 db, and demonstrates very good build quality throughout.     

Some salient Channel features:

4 band EQ:

  • +12 db @ 150 HZ
  • +12 db @ 600 HZ
  • +12 db @ 2000 HZ
  • +12 db @ 6000 HZ

Wet/Dry Output Mix

Separate input and output level controls

LED Signal Indicators (-6, 0, +6 db)

MONO Chamber Return switches

Front Panel AUX Inputs & Outputs

Active Balanced XLR Inputs & Outputs (Gold plated)

Sealed controls

120 or 240 Volt operation

Shielded Power transformer 


Here is a selection from the Original MicMix literature:

The Master-Room XL-305 is a unique design approach in self-contained reverberation systems. This "Acoustic Chamber Synthesizer" incorporates new technology that stems from years of research and analysis of "live" chambers currently in use in the recording industry.  Properties such as room volume, echo densitv, and reverberation time versus frequency were studied.

The most desireable characteristics of these live chambers are incorporated into the XL-305 The result:
The sound of a live acoustic chamber in a rack-mount package. A live chamber does not have the boing, twang, and flutter that are normally found in compact reverberation units. The XL-305 produces none of these unwanted sounds. A percussive attack, or any transient signal, is difficult for most compaft reverbs to reproduce naturally. Under these conditions, a reverb is most likely to produce undesireable sideeffects. The performance of the XL-305 under transient conditions is outstanding. The XL-305 offers twochannel stereo capability, and is easily switched to stereo imaging of a monaural signal orfull mono operation. Each channel features an INPUT LEVEL control, LED CHAMBER DRIVE
 indicators. and an 0UTPUT MIX control to blend the direct and reverberated signals. Front panel oUTPUT LEVEL adjustments are provided for easy adaptation to various operating levels of  other equipment. AUXILIARY INPUTS and OUTPUTS on the front panel automatically defeat the rear connections.