AKG C 460 B w/ CK 61-ULS Condenser Microphone

AKG C460 B pre-amplifier and CK-61 ULS Cardioid capsule. Very clean!
Manufacturer: AKG
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This AKG Combo is in very good condition and comes with a soft case that will fit nicely into your kit.   Top quality AKG performance for all types of applications including Film and Field recording.

Product Details:


The C 460 B pre-amplifier is a compliment of the existing modular range prepared for applications of future technologies. The electronics of the C 460 B are a completely new departure, and the key to the digital-level performance of the microphone. The resulting technical specifications are unique among today's microphones and will remain in the forefront of even tomorrow's microphones.


  • Solid state circuitry throughout
  • Ultra low noise figures
  • High operation reliability
  • low power consumption
  • extended long-life stability
  • Built-in attenuation switch with 0 to 10 dB position
  • Bass-cut switch with the following possible combinations:
    • linear response (no bass-cut)
    • bass-cut with onset at 70 Hz
    • bass-cut with onset at 150 Hz


CK-61 ULS capsule:

The ruler-flat frequency response and consistent polar pattern of this make the CK61 Capsule ideal for critical recording and live sound applications where consistent suppression of off-axis sound is an important requirement.


  • High quality cardioid capsule with exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response
  • High temperature stability, reliable construction
  • Gold plated, self-cleaning connector pins for high resistance to humidity