Fostex 2016 RackMount Line Mixer

Perfect for Stereo SubMixes of Keys or any other Line sources, Live or in the Studio. Very Clean.
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The Fostex 2016 falls into the category of Summing or Line mixers.   It's ideal for mixing a large number of stereo sources (Keyboards & Synth Modules for example) that may be used intermittently.

The Front Panel 1/4" inputs are Normalled to select the rear panel inputs when not in use.

Here are some of the Features:

  • Switchable between one 16 X 2 out OR two  8 X 2 out Mixers with the Link "LINE" Switch.
  • 16 Channel Inputs: Front Panel Switching 1/4 TS;  Rear Panel RCA
  • Gain, Pan & 2 Aux per Channel
  • 4 Auxiliary Sends with Master Level Controls
  • 4 Aux Returns
  • 2 Pairs of Main STEREO 1/4" Outputs
  • 2 Pairs of Line Buss RCA Outputs
  • 4 Front Panel LED Meters