RANE AVA 22d Audio Delay

A 2 Channel unit perfect for making up for up to 9 Frames of Video Delay due to DSP Latency in switchers, servers and Web Streaming setups. This is a discontinued product that is getting harder to find.
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The replacement unit from Rane Lists for $999. and retails for over $749.   Only one of these left! 

Here's the lowdown from Rane.  

RANE AVA 22d Audio/Video Alignment Delay

The Rane AVA 22 Audio/Video Alignment Delay is a fully balanced two Input, two Output audio alignment delay providing a range of 0.0 to 9.5 NTSC frames (8.0 PAL/ SECAM frames) on each Output. The Delay of each Output is independently adjustable in field (half-frame) increments. Each Output has two nonvolatile Memories, A and B, for easy access to previously stored Delay values. The AVA 22 features XLR connectors. Remote terminals on the rear accept external configuration switches, permitting independent stereo bypassing and stereo remote recall of Memories. An internal jumper is provided to reconfigure the Remote terminals for independent recall of the two Channels’ stored Memories. Housed in a single rack space the AVA 22 can be operated as two independent Channels (dual mono) or as a stereo pair of Channels (LINK mode). The AVA 22 employs the Dolby™ Time Link 1-bit deltasigma encode/decode circuit; the same circuit used in many Dolby surround sound decoding units for home theater systems. This ensures the highest possible audio quality throughout the system.


Both NTSC and PAL/SECAM broadcast standards are supported.



A recessed rear panel switch is available for locking out front panel controls. In this mode, all of the front panel pushbuttons are disabled with the exception of the Recall buttons. The Recall buttons remain active so the user may

view  the stored Delay values without risk of changing them. Internal jumpers enable or disable Bypass while in Front Panel Lockout mode. The default setting of these jumpers disables Bypass in Front Panel Lockout mode. Independent bypass relays provide a fail safe, hard-wired bypass in case of power loss.


The AVA 22 is a unity gain device with Sensitivity adjustment controls to provide proper internal levels for the Dolby™ Time Link circuit. If the input signal is nominally +4 dBu, set the Sensitivity control fully counter-clockwise (+4 dBu). For those unable to touch a cable and determine its signal level, Signal present and Clip LEDs provide visual indication that the Input signal is within optimal range. 

Powered from a low voltage UL listed, CSA certified remote power supply (230 VAC model meets LVD 73/23/ EEC), the AVA 22 is exempt from safety agency requirements, and may be used in any installation mandating agency compliance.